Monday, January 30, 2012

Carancho: Argentinian Cinema & A Spontaneous Sunday

Sunday evening ended up being a random night with Meghan at Remedy Cafe and Garneau Theatre. Totally randomly, after many websites posted the incorrect times for the movie we really wanted to see, we ended up watching Carancho. Apparently released in 2010, it was a very intense story about an Argentinian insurance scam, in which the protagonist (Richard Darin) tries to escape his gang-like job where he convinces disadvantaged citizens to to let him severely hurt them, so they can jump in front of a moving car, and claim the insurance money (most of which, of course, the scammers keep).  
Apparently 8000 lives are taken each year, and there are 120 000 serious injuries due traffic accidents in the country (IPS News, 2010). Brutal and gory, yet fascinating, it definitely draws you to the screen and makes you wonder how true or fictional this film really is.

At the heart of the story, there is, of course, a passionate romance where an innocent (much too submissive) woman doctor falls in love with the hero. Definitely an interesting plot, though much more intense than the documentary we planned to see (Surviving Progress). I thorougly enjoyed the work-life balance this week, of having to only work 3 hours on a Sunday (high school students start a new semester February 1st, so most are finished exams and on a few days break). I've actually decided, in celebration of my new adventure that will begin in September 2012 (Masters of Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition at Oxford University int he UK!!!), that I will enjoy my Sunday nights this semester, and not book any sessions past 6pm. 
Loyal readers and friends in Edmonton, if anyone wants to check out that Surviving Progress movie at the Garneau this coming Sunday, let me know. It's a documentary that has Steven Hawking, Margaret Atwood, and many others, on what "success" really means in the contemporary world.
I'm definitely going to miss Remedy Cafe and the Garneau...but I'll be on the lookout for awesome cafes and alternative movie theatres at Oxford!

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