Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year: Ringing in 2012 with Hilarity!

 Ringing in the New Year in 2012 was a fun time with Meghan and Ryan at Schwake's place on Whyte Ave. I met some new people and witnessed a dance video game that would make anyone laugh hysterically. Meghan and I didn't drink; we just watched and laughed at the game (I believe it's called Dance Central)--and marvelled at the voice activated commands. Well, the last video games I played were Nintendo Game Boy's Tetris and Mortal Combat on Playstation (I think I was nine) --and they definitely weren't voice controlled!

Meghan & Ryan at midnight
2011 held a plethora of disastrous events (and a few good ones), but I'm definitely hoping for a reversal this time around. McGill and my subsequent pursuit of my own business full time was definitely the highlight of 2011, with the disasters including the dark, evil side of the corporate world, the departure of the perfect roommate, the end of the little red Hyundai, the realism of home ownership   and being a landlord and its REAL costs, the arrival of a far-from-even-close-to-perfect roommate, the insurance battle for a car crash that was NOT my fault (they finally agreed in the end), and of course, the loss of Stephanie Wertz, one of my best friends. New Year's just wasn't the same, without you Steph---and I really, really, really hope, that somehow you are able to see/feel/understand (or whatever spirits do) how we celebrated this new year.

2012 will be the best year of my life - I am optimistic about that, for sure! Travel, studying, teaching, language learning, linguistics, a move abroad, (perhaps the sale of my house), and many, amazing times with friends, new and old. 

According to the Chinese Horoscope, I'm an Ox with a Wood Element (not sure how credible this site is, but click it and see that it describes me almost perfectly). Apparently 2012 is supposed to be a time of wealth and new opportunities, and challenging relationships ( - Ox).

Thanks, Meghan, for playing photographer at the New Year's Eve party! Check out the pics below. I have to say that the first two days of 2012, which I've had off, have been full of working out, eating healthy, cooking, watching movies (Tintin had fabulous animation!) and hanging out with friends in town for the holidays. So, I'm off to see another movie (Mission Impossible 3 with Lorina). Stay tuned for a year of awesomeness!

Sapna and Meghan


Irene said...

3 pictures of me! I likey :)
Fun night. Thanks for coming out Sapna!

preemee said...

Oops that should not say "Irene" :)