Monday, January 16, 2012

Nourishing Healthy Appetites at Noorish Conscious Eatery

Since I've been to this establishment twice in the New Year, once for a last-free-Saturday brunch, and once last night for Sunday's cheat meal dessert, Noorish Conscious Eatery is definitely worth a mention on my blog. It's raw, vegan food (for the most part), that takes hours of prep work, and is healthier than anything I could ever make myself. Raw food diets basically mean you can't cook anything - so I'm not sure that this classifies as "raw", but wow, it classifies as both healthy and YUM!

A borrowed picture from Google
Meghan and I had Saturday brunch there last weekend (it's just off 109th street and 84th ave), before the rush of weekend tutoring began again. Noorish Conscious Eating & Superfood Elixir Bar is definitely an appropriate name - and reminds you of a zen-d out place you'd find in a larger city, or California or Vancouver. With a yoga studio in the basement, this place focuses on healthy, organic living. Although the ingredients list on their menu may make you cringe a bit, once you taste the mixture of flavours, it's a 100% organic delectable delight.  I had a veggie burger that rivals any one I've ever had before.

Their desserts are by far the best - Meghan & I shared "Key lime cheesecake" last week and "Lemon raspberry cheesecake" last night. Of course, it's not really cheese, milk, and in some cases, not even gluten --but somehow, absolutely amazing. Cafe Mosaics  is the only other cafe I can think of in Edmonton that offers similar type of food - but it's definitely not this tasty.

Unfortunately, I didn't grab any photos of the food...but I'll leave it to your imagination, and the one picture I borrowed from Vegan Edmonton's blog. 

Definitely check this place out! (I have a feeling my next few cheat meals will be there once again, so I'm up for going with anyone who wants to check it out:) 

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