Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Day Weekend Fun (& Belated Valentines) with pups Kiara & Luna!

 Family Day Weekend this year was only half-full of work---the other half was blissful time with Kiara and Janice Saturday night, and Steph T and her puppy, Luna, on Monday, topped off with a  Monday evening  tea with Meghan.

Janice and I cooked dinner together for the first time since our adventures in Montreal this past July. It was a blast - veggie burgers (I have to say Gardein is an awesome brand), salad with red wine vinegrette, roasted vegetables, rice, and garlic bread---mmm! I can't wait for my adventures at Oxford University in the fall,when I'll have time to study for a masters,  blog like crazy, and thanks to UK Student Visa restrictions, not work very much ---so I'll also have time to cook!
Janice cooking up the garlic bread

 Yes, I did run out of time to do a Valentine's Day post this year---I believe it's the only year I haven't! Wow, too much work does definitely make blogging a bit difficult.  Let's recap our last Valentines....

2011 - V-Day with Puppy Valentine - a little sonnet and some movie time with pup

2010 - Anti-Valentine's Day Brunch with a few friends and my previous (awesome) roommate

2009 - This was before puppy --I actually was on a business trip, in Washington, DC.
2008 - A terribly cold winter - and a belated birthday celebration
2007 - The first Valentine's on my blog --and the best one yet, where I met some amazing friends from Germany and Denmark (at Fort Canning in Singapore!)

 This year, Steph T brought her puppy Luna over for Family Day. Kiara scares her like crazy though, with her big black appearance and readiness to play with ANYONE, whether they like it or not. Poor Luna! She did get some chill time in the dog park though.

What an awesome, mild winter, I must say. Great last winter in Edmonton!
"'re big...I'm not sure about you!" --Luna

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