Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clever Rabbit, Duchess Bakeshop & An Amazing Sunday


 Sunday was an absolutely perfect day  - completely free of work, and full of time with friends, family and of course, Kiara. Sleeping in past 8am and joining friends at brunch at 10am was the perfect start.

Clever Rabbit Vegetarian Cafe  on 124th Street(no website yet!) is a new, fresh addition to Edmonton's culinary palate. In fact, everything in the restaurant is vegan-friendly and gluten-free friendly and SO delicious. With only a few items on the menu, as a table, we ended up ordering it all. Luckily, Joanne was in Edmonton for Saturday's Bust a Move event (which Edmonton Mixed Martial Arts was part of!), so she joined us for some long awaited catch-up time and conversation.  Meghan and Ryan, Jared, Joanne, Sean, Sean's friends Pablo and Tin (who we ran into at the restaurant) and I all absolutely loved it!

Duchess Bake Shop is the most European part of Edmonton, in my humble opinion. Wow --looks and smells like Paris! Meghan, who recommended this place to me months ago, picked the very best treats. The Duke, my pick, was MUCH too rich, but had a delectable cocoa taste that is beyond words ---like moist cake with a hint of pepper, flavour, and tang enveloped in a chocolate robe. Their espresso also fits the European bill --and the pastries ---well, the Chocolate Brioche is definitely the best! 

The Duke

YUMMY! That's the best word to describe Sunday...and makes me really want to take more Sundays off.  

The Paris Brest

Sean with a Lemon Meringue Pie

Coming up...April Long Weekend 2012! Three full days off for Easter in Calgary and Canmore with Julie and Joanne, and great new friends I'll be meeting in Calgary. Not to mention dinner out, cafes and definitely some shopping at Cross Iron Mills outlet centre.
Joanne and Sapna

 Plus, Julie and I will be running in the mountains. I'm running a 5km race this Sunday, a 10km race on April 29th with The Running Room Run Club and one in June with Julie in Calgary. Turns out running is actually fun - especially with a dog attached to you!

The rest of Sunday was Thai food with family (at home), and hanging out with my beautiful puppy Kiara.  Definitely check out Duchess and Clever Rabbit - the perfect Sunday hang outs!

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Anonymous said...

I found the Donairs at Clever Rabbit to be GREAT !! the only downfall was the kitty litter oder !!