Thursday, March 08, 2012

Rishi's Birthday - A Quarter Century Celebration at Chateau Lacombe


One week late, I realize, but here is a short note about my brother's 25th birthday celebration at the Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe hotel downtown  ---I will say, hotels who say specialize in "celebratory events" as they call them, do celebrate well!  While, of course, you pay a slight premium over a regular dining establishment, it's  about $10 more per person - and turns out to be a spectacular experience with soft live music, as the floor beneath you slowly turns, about one rotation an hour.

Flaming Kiss Coffee
(after the flaming part)
While I've been there quite a few times for brunch (with my family), dinner is definitely a different affair. A portabello mushroom grilled patty with a delectable sauce, fresh baked bread, and an array of vegetables, including squash - was amazing. The dinner was so filling though, that we could only handle about one bite of one dessert to share amongst the five of us. A note for Janice, a new vegan, - except for the bread (not that great) and dessert, you could have enjoyed this meal too! 

Of course, the waiter was excellent, and even made a show of flaming a flavoured coffee in front of us , like they do at resorts. I will say though, I have decided that merlot is definitely not my favourite type of wine. I'm a Shiraz girl, I think. Excuse the pictures - dim lighting and iPhones were all we had! 

Definitely a great place to check out! If anyone wants to do a Sunday brunch or Monday to Thursday dinner - especially in the summer when they have live jazz at 9pm, I have a coupon I'm ready to use. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Sapna,

Was it a birthday package or something like this? My birthday is coming up, so any ideas would be great! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sapna,

Was this a birthday celebration package or something like that? My quarter century is coming so I am looking for ideas... thanks for the input!


Sapna said...


Sorry for the delay in responding! No, it wasn't a special package-- just a dinner out...they are just really great at making a three course meal extra special.

Enjoy your quarter century birthday!