Sunday, April 29, 2012

Janice's Birthday at Padmanadi's

Sean and Janice
 Janice's 28th Birthday Bash was a small but fun event, with Sean, Janice and I enjoying a delightful vegan meal. Padmanadi's Vegetarian Restaurant, which only two years ago was one of those hole-in-a-wall restaurants in Edmonton's Chinatown, has expanded to a beautiful dining place downtown, well-decorated with a Thai flair and the same, delectable, Asian cuisine. The Kasim family, from Jakarta, Indonesia moved their restaurant from Jakarta to Edmonton in 2002 --so it's definitely authentic, and wow, so tasty!

We ordered three dishes to share-  Ginger "beef", curried tofu and vegetables, and bok choy with jasmine and coconut rice. Reminiscient of our days in Asia (Sean and I  were in Singapore the same year Janice was teaching English in Taiwan), we talked of travels, past and future, masters' programs, and the exciting year to come. Not to mention, the beautiful summer ahead (I LOVE summer!). We'll be travelling Alberta and BC for sure, taking in the mountain fresh air this summer. 

To top off our meal, our waiter ordered a mini sorbet for Janice, complete with a candle on top and a birthday song. Of course, I had to try their coffee (delicious Fair Trade blend), with almond 

Happy  28th Birthday, Janice! To an amazing year ahead (and you visiting me at Oxford, I hope =)

Stay tuned for awesome book reviews and summer fun updates (as I will have more time in my busy schedule in about 7 weeks). Ready, set, SUMMER!

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