Monday, May 28, 2012

Golden Gate, Millennium & Asia SF: Views, Cuisine and San Fran's Thailand

 As I mentioned in my last post, our most spectacular pictures of the Golden Gate were not after our two hour bus/trek to the top of a windy hill on Saturday, but the morning after, as our bus stopped there before our wine tour. (A welcome surprise, but honestly, for all the preparation in a guided tour, they could have mentioned it, and saved us the journey the day before!)

I guess we're lucky though -we ended up with two different, but equally beautiful, views of the bridge. Next trip, I will definitely plan ahead to take one of the "Bike the Bridge" tours. It must be long though, since I remember seeing one advertisement as follows "Bike the Bridge! Take the ferry back!"  Hmm....

I won't bore you with them all, but here are a couple of our best shots:

What's that? You left your heart in San Fran?!


Delectable dining was an amazing part of our trip - I love new (veggie) food experiences from world famous chefs. Sheena liked the food, too, a really good and "interesting" experience. That's the word of the trip!

Millennium Vegan Cuisine

Millennium (Sunday night after our wine tour - yes, I know, my blog is doing a bit of time hopping this time around), was more scrumptious than I could ever have imagined. It's an all vegan, high class restaurant attached to a hotel that books up so fast, we were seated at the bar. We tried the three course "frugal foodie" menu for $40 and ordered different items so we could experience as much of the menu as possible. Thank you, Dayna, for this awesome recommendation!
Check out Millennium's website here

  • Artisan Bread - as the menu states, you have to specifically ask for this delicious bread - the chickpea hummus was kind of dry, though
  • Fried Green Tomatoes - yum!
  • Wild Kale Salad with Tofu -  I have to say the cabbage taste threw me off - it was good, just not very "salad" like. Yes, I have to shock all you vegans and healthy food eaters and confess, despite the trend, I have not really been that impressed with kale in general!
  • Risotto Cake - Now, this was a flavour festival! The rice, packed into a round patty, was pretty normal, but the curries, veggies, and sauces surrounding it, like a moat, reminded me of tastes from Thai to Chinese to Indian. Yum!
  • Potato Picadillo Roulade -  heavy and filling, but delectable, this potato pastry was filled with lentils, nougat, hazelnuts---and some other delicious combinations!
  • Chocolate Bourbon Black Salt Molten Cake with Strawberry BBQ sauce (no, I did not make that up). This one put the negative connotation in "interesting" - I really couldn't eat it!
  • Chocolate Almond Midnight -Sheena's dessert, however, was to die for. Too rich to have more than half though - a cross between cheescake and fudge, this was heavenly. In fact, some locals come to the restaurant on Friday nights, just to order a Midnight to go!

Asia SF - San Francisco's Thailand

   Asia SF was definitely the most interesting experience though, which borderline reminded me of an xmas 5 years ago with Dennis in Thailand; some ladyboy dancers with fusion food that was served in small plates Californian Asian style. (Click here for my 2006 post on Bangkok, Thailand); ahh, the Singapore memories!

The dancers at Asia SF varied in their skill and danced to Top 40 songs, but were quite hilarious. Tickets for this also book up weeks in advance, but with a little planning, this may have been the best $45 we spent! Well, plus the martinis which were definitely filled with full shots. 

Asian Fusion Cuisine

In dresses and heels, this was the best girls' night Sheena and I have ever had together!  

A few hours sleep and then we were off to the most anticipated part (for me, anyway) - Napa Valley! (Stay tuned for an awesome slideshow in my next post!)   

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