Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Canada Day - Week: Fireworks, Roots & Wine with Friends!

Meghan and Sapna on Canada Day 
Happy Canada Day - Week! 
Canada Day this year was low-key and a lot of fun, especially since it marked the beginning of my work free weekends! It's such an amazing feeling to not teach all weekend (though I love tutoring). Surrounded by my best friends and my beautiful black Labrador all week made me feel like a very lucky Canadian girl.

Janice and I spent the day shopping with Sean at many stores, Banana Republic in particular. Sean's clothing expertise really helped me choose three pairs of excellent quality "trousers" and a couple of shirts for Britain (no yoga pants at grocery stores there!). Although I'll take credit for pre-selecting the Roots Leather Prince Satchel, Sean and Janice did convince  me that the rustic brown leather was a much better choice than black.  It was a bit pricey, but definitely great quality and a  beautiful bag for my upcoming classes at Oxford. Made in Canada, of course!

My Roots Satchel!
Meghan and I spent Canada Day evening watching the fireworks from her condo and drinking wine (Naked Grape white and a rose I bought in San Francisco at the Vinansa Winery - click here for blog posts). Hours of conversation and catching up - as well as a plan for a blog re-vamp - made it a fun time! I'm sure, loyal readers, you've noticed a few changes on this site, but be prepared for an incredible facelift, and SingaporeLizard business cards, coming soon! (Thanks, mdesign).

Kiara @ Pets in the Park last weekend

Barkbusters, an international, award-winning dog training company really made my week even better. They have a written, lifetime guarantee that they can fix any problem your dog has, and keep coming back to fix it until you are satisfied. Well, Barkbusters was up for the challenge. Last Thursday, I learned how to act more like a "canine mother" than a human. While freaking out at the doorbell is still an issue we are working to resolve, I'm quite sure that Kiara will be on her best, polite, high class behaviour by the time September rolls around. After spending three months looking for a place, I cannot be kicked out of our rental home in Marston, Oxford!

 Tuesday night was an amazing dining experience at the Cactus Club with Camille. Camille had the Jack Daniels Ribs and I, the Portabello Mushroom Fajitas. Camille and I only end up seeing each other a few hours per year, as we often live in different countries - but even a few hours made my week incredible. Catching up, wine, cheesecake, conversation, and memories of our two week trip together in Vienna and Prague in 2008 (click here and here for the blog posts, respectively) made our dinner together unforgettable.

Now, it's off to Calgary to visit Julie for a few days, and celebrate the Calgary Stampede Centennial. Happy Canada Day - Week ---and happy summer, everyone!

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