Saturday, October 13, 2012

Settling into Oxford Life: Home Sweet Home

A month into my stay here, my house is all set up!  Many of you have been requesting pics of my new place in Marston. This just a short post of a slideshow of Kiara and I's new "home sweet home" for the year (at least!). While I didn't add descriptions of the slideshow pictures this time, here are a few quirky details:

  • Yes, I've opted for "wall stickers" to decorate; as most of you know, I'm horrible at trying to hang pictures, install shelves, or anything else tool-related
  • Since there seems to be a perfect "chimney" that lacks a fireplace, I put something else "warming" in its place....a case of wine!  Wine is incredibly cheap intro offer for Laithwaites, an online wine ordering company, was £3.99 per bottle (that's about $6.50, Canadians!)
  • Have I ever mentioned that I detest carpet? I really miss my hardwood floor in my last house...vaccuming up Kiara's hair here is quite the challenge
  • The mini-hallway, which has a door to the living room as soon as you enter the front door to the house, is GENIUS! It means that I can answer the door for delivery people, and shut Kiara in the living at the same time (so she doesn't jump over the frazzled delivery men that have what I've recently learned is a "Brommie" accent (which I can barely understand)
  • I FINALLY have my bed from IKEA, built and assembled, four weeks later. I won't go into the details of my IKEA story here, as most of you have read it on Facebook (Coles Notes version:  4 weeks to delivery and assemble a bed, 6 horrible customer service calls which I had to pay for, a wrong delivery, a wrong re-delivery, and too many assembly charges, which I will get refunded hopefully next week. I am definitely not shopping there again!)
  • I have a very strange style bathroom...weird purple and wood design....can't think which century that is from
  •  is amazing! It's like the British version of Kijiji, and I found many deals there, including a £58 wooden dining table and chair set and £50 wooden desk!
  • I love being so close to parks (just like we were at home)! The garden here is amazing though, as there is NO LAWN to mow!
Anyway, enjoy the slideshow!

Today is "matriculation day" ---kind of like an official induction ceremony into "Oxbridge" (Oxford or Cambridge) where you wear your gown and official sub-fusc attire. I'll post a detailed blog entry on the ceremony, its history, and pictures of our beautiful Autumn day in the morning. For now, I need to spend my Saturday night reviewing notes and reading literature in my field --not to mention running my poor puppy, who was at home all day while I "matriculated" and took photos. Stay tuned for ceremony details, coming up tomorrow!!

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