Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spice Lounge & Chez Gaston - First Dining Out Experiences in Oxford

After three very hectic weeks of classes, all day- weekend research seminars, and reading, reading, reading,  yesterday was my first day - and first Saturday -  off. After Oxford Uni Kickboxing Club Friday night, I found out that I would be having visitors!  Aunty Viniti and Uncle Steve decided to drive all the way from Kent to visit me (and Kiara, of course) for the day on Saturday.

I just have to note here, that I feel extremely lucky to have Kiara here with me. She's such an adorable dog and we had a blast playing with her! 

Image of Spice Lounge

We went out in Summertown - a cute area that is where I really wanted to live, but it was way too expensive (still pretty close to it, though!) The restaurant is called Spice Lounge, where we had a wonderful Indian meal --that's right, it was NOT greasy! It had a mixture of vegetables (I ensured it did not have the three vegetables I absolutely cannot stand ---lady fingers, terra root and lotus root). This was actual my first dining (for dinner) experience in Oxford. It's funny how often I used to go out before in Edmonton ---student life really makes everything seem expensive!
Also, another traveller's note ---if you want to go out in Cowley, where all the ethnic restaurants are, don't drive!  We originally tried Cowley Road, but even as early as 5:30pm on a Saturday, there was not a parking spot to be found. Everyone here walks or bikes.

This past week, Anna, Dima, Paola and I decided to work on one of our English Language Teaching module assignments (the optional, but certificate bearing course we're taking) - at a restaurant. Chez Gaston is on North Parade, also quite close to Summertown (and to our colleges, LMH and Kellogg). It was wonderful to have crepes! I can't say the coffee was that great, but my aubergine and mushroom crepe, followed by a lemon and sugar dessert crepe was absolutely fantastic. Definitely check this place out if you're in town!

Well, since my Sunday morning was spent kickboxing, it's off to run an errand or two in town,  and then get right on to dissertation planning for me (ie: TONS more hunting for relevant literature and reading it). These two dining experiences were definitely the highlight of my week. I've been advised to try out a "fish and chips" shop ---fish for Kiara, of course, and chips for me (I know I don't normally eat fries, but I will say that chopping up some potatoes at home, baking them and putting vinegar and then salt on them makes them taste quite good!) I never liked ketchup, anyway. So, perhaps I will have a blog on authentic "chips" soon. Stay tuned!

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