Friday, December 14, 2012

Glühwein @ Anna's: Frohe Weihnachten!

From left: Anna, Chelsea, Majka, Paola,
Punit (Anna's housemate), Samantha & Ricky
 Monday night was an excellent break from exam planning and writing, as the ALSLA group met for a wonderful evening of glühwein at Anna's. Now, I know I was semi-disappointed with the Royal Oak's mulled wine a couple weeks ago,but Anna's version was delectable. Real, homemade, mulled wine.

Majka --Majkuláš!
We did also try adding in a Mark's & Spencer's pre-mixed bottle as the night went on ---double mulled!!!  (Seriously, though, the first batch was the best).  I've been excited to try real mulled wine back when Kristin G. told me about how they back it at home in Germany ---way back when my adventures started, in Singapore!

The night started out with conversation and lead to a game of "Never have I ever...." --always a fun time and excellent bonding! (Of course, contents of that game are sealed by the ALSLA pact, so no more blogging on that...)

Oh, an excellent part of the night was Paola & Ricky's homemade tiramisu! My favourite dessert in the world. Kat added some Kahlua to the tiramisu (since we had hot chocolate and kahlua out anyway), but unfortunately the picture was way too blurry to fix and post :(. Also, it was close to Ricky's birthday, so we got to sing Happy Birthday over mulled wine and tiramisu. Reminded me of my frequent visits, and going away party (thrown by my wonderful friends) at Menotti Cafe in Singapore --check out my blog post on it, here! 
Homemade tiramisu!
Thanks, Paola & Ricky!

Xmas tunes!

Happy Birthday, Ricky!
This is how much Paola doesn't like wine

Thanks, ALSLA-ers for a wonderful night!  

Also, I thought I'd add a couple pictures from last Sunday  night, as well. After exam planning until midnight Friday, and then kickboxing for two hours on both Saturday and Sunday, it was time for a girls' night. Silje, my friend from kickboxing club, invited me over for a movie night with her roommate Pauline. We watched P.S. I Love You (yes, an unrealistic and sad romantic comedy) and had a meal of build-you-own-burrito, and wine. I'm totally stealing this dinner idea for my party tomorrow!

Pauline & Silje

As for those exams (essays) I'm supposed to be writing, I wish I could say I'd made enormous progress (other than the outlines). In reality, I spent most of the last few days and nights figuring out my methodology for my dissertation ---which I am SO excited to begin (and have to put aside now to focus on ace-ing those exam essays)!  Now, though, I'm off to spend the afternoon at London's German Christmas market, which will be my first Christmas market, ever.

Tomorrow evening will be my Canine & Wine Xmas Party, as many of my classmates have been asking to meet Kiara! After that though, the next four weeks, days and nights, (with the exception of 2 days at Christmas) will be intense essay writing time. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Christmas markets, puppies and wine!

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