Friday, April 26, 2013

After The Cast: Skinny Pumpkin Cake, Healthy Oreos & Walking Free

So, it's 10 weeks today since I smashed my leg in a killer kickboxing match and broke my tibia...and I can walk again! For real. No excruciating pain. No full cast. No half cast. No boot. No being stuck indoors for days on end. I can be crazy and active and workout and run (well, soon) and rush everywhere and do a million things in a day again. Freedom.

Something good came from this - well, from the last six weeks of it. I learned to cook amazing healthy meals that are mostly low carb and high protein (thanks, internet!) Also, coconut is my new favourite food (coconut oil, butter, coconut water, coconut  just makes smoothies and desserts so much better).

 My last blog post has most of the recipes, but here are this week's:

Easy & Skinny Pumpkin Cake

Recipe credit: iFoodReal (click for recipe)
Remarks:  Probably tastes like pumpkin cake should taste. Didn't realize I'm not that into pumpkin cake. Sitting in my freezer...
Random:  Couldn't find "Truwhip" so I used Skinny Taste's recipe for cream cheese frosting instead

Protein Chocolate Cake

Recipe credit: iFoodReal (click for recipe)
Remarks:  Ok, WOW. Fills you up, tastes amazing and not as many cals as real chocolate cake.
Random: Seriously, make this!

Healthy Oreos

Recipe credit: Chocolate Covered Katie (click for recipe)
Remarks:  64 cals, gluten free, dairy free (if you sub with almond milk)
Random: The best healthy dessert yet! Why do real Oreos have 21 ingredients?

Pecan Salad & Homemade Garlic Bread

Recipe credit: BBC Good Food for the garlic bread from pizza dough (click for recipe); salad is made-up
Remarks:  Not eating bread all week and then trying to finish a piece of garlic bread made from pizza dough = too full!

Soba (Buckwheat) Noodle, Kale & Veggie Chicken Stirfry

Recipe credit: iFoodReal (click for recipe)
Remarks:   Yum!! Healthy deliciousness!
Random: Takes longer than it looks...

Oh, in case you're thinking that everything I make actually works out, these Coconut Protein Balls did not. What kind of "food processer" do people have? My little Gordon Ramsay must be a mini one, because even for the cake recipes, I've had to use my blender and do everything in halves because there is no more room. The protein balls involved food processing dates and almonds, and mine just won't do it. Any tips? Please leave a comment.

Chocolate strawberries just for fun!
Also, I have to link to Heather Eats Almond Butter, as this girl has a lot of  healthy recipes I'd like to try out!  Three more days of being stuck inside writing essays...but I promise you, this healthy cooking/baking kick won't stop. Not after I bought a bunch of weird, healthy ingredients that makes these recipes work. I really can't wait until a few weeks when I have the doc's go ahead to get these legs running and burning cals again. Go kale, coconut oil, coconut flour, unsweetened applesauce, agave nectar, low sodium soya sauce, quinoa and buckwheat!


Olena said...

Hi there. It's Olena from iFOODreal. Thanks for trying my food. :)
Yes, you need a good food processor for making protein balls. Small on or Magic Bullet won't do it.

Get better soon!

Nia said...


Sapna said...

Hi Olena! Thank you for the food processor advice. Keep posting great recipes- I love your blog :)

Nia - yum, yes my thoughts exactly.