Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Irish Soda Bread, Home-made Pizza, Healthy Desserts & Essay 3

It's half 11 pm., but as promised, I made myself a home-made pizza for completing Essay 3, draft 1. My food motivation plan is partially working --  a  1000 word (of 2500), half decent draft and sickeningly detailed outline about second language phonemic contrasts sits on my hard drive (backed up on Carbonite, of course). Sickening because that's the part that takes the gruelling, time pressured work; writing is fine. It's right beside a completely blank assignment on intervention studies in  oral fluency. Luckily, the latter is closely related to my dissertation topic, so hopefully I can whip that up in a few days and have a week to polish all four. Yup, I received a one week extension for having a broken leg (I'm milking anything good that comes out of this!). Really aiming to finish by next Friday, rather than Monday, though, so I can write my last paper for the optional module before I leave for France.

So, in my seemingly infinite broken leg adventure of boredom, here is what I've made this week, thanks to being confined to my house. I was looking back at previous blog posts, thanks to my new, awesome "View Random Post" button at the bottom of this site, and I  apologize for the complete downgrading of picture quality over the last six months. I promise when I'm not writing essays, I'll whip out my DSLR with macro and portrait lenses,  remember my photography lessons and take some quality pics.

Irish Soda Bread

Egg white omelette was better than the bread
Recipe credit: BBC Good Food (click for recipe)
Remarks:  Quite good when it comes out of the oven. Ridiculously stale the day after.

Random: Speaking of Ireland, Janice is coming all the way from home (Edmonton) to visit me the day I hand in my dissertation, so we can celebrate our Masters degrees with a fabulous ten day trip to Edinburgh & Dublin! T minus 137 days!

Home-made Margherita Pizza

 Recipe credit: BBC Good Food (click for recipe)
Remarks: not bad!
Random:  it's better than it looks.

Banana Protein Muffins

 Recipe credit: Protein Pow (click for recipe)
Remarks:  a little dry, but they're okay with Greek yoghurt & Stevia and fill you up for hours
Random:  maybe I should have waited to buy pecans, instead of using almonds.

Banana Chocolate "Truffles"

Recipe credit:  iFood Real (click for recipe) 
Remarks: Ok, wow. 37 cals and it tastes like dessert!

Greena Colada Shake


Recipe credit:  iFood Real (click for recipe)
Remarks:Looks funny, I admit. Never thought spinach & kale were this delicious before!

Blueberry Slimming Shake

Recipe credit:  iFood Real (click for recipe)
Remarks: Best 200 cal breakfast ever. Tastes like ice cream, not protein.

American Blueberry Pancakes

Recipe credit:  BBC Good Food (click for recipe)
Remarks: Adding whey protein makes them dry, but fills you up
Random: not sure why they're "American". I'm going to call them Canadian.

Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe credit:  iFoodReal (click for recipe)
Remarks: I have been trying to find a good recipe forever, and these are the best protein cookies yet!
Random: I added 1 tsp Waitrose  Baking Powder for Fluffy Muffins and the second batch came out fluffier!

So, how do you buy ingredients, without getting out of the house, you ask? As I mentioned in my first Oxford post, I LOVE Ocado.com, who delivers quality, organic groceries to your door the next day for free (or nearly free). You can even get aspartame-free protein powder. Fabulous. They'll even bring them into your kitchen for you, despite your excitable dog. Laithwaites, a fabulous online store that sells cases of wine, has regular discount coupons for award winning wine, like the Bordeaux now in my wine rack. Britain, you have grocery shopping down.

Ten more days until the "walking boot" comes off and I can walk again! I've started watching Weeds on Netflix...pretty good show to watch for 20 minute breaks between essay pages. One thing I hate about Netflix is their tendency to only buy half of a series...they have seasons 1 to 3, but not 4 to 8. WHY? (and then they wonder why people still pirate). Once I can walk again, I may cancel my subscription (again).  Now, pizza and wine time.  

Buon  appetito! 


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Olena @ iFOODreal.com said...

Thank you for trying so many of my recipes! Glad you liked them. I even bragged about it on my Facebook page LOL.

Cheers and take care.