Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stratford-Upon-Avon: Hidden Shakespearean Facts in the Bard's Hometown

So, in lieu of inspiration for my reflective "essay", I've found inspiration in a slideshow I created from Monday's trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace (childhood home). It's quiz time! 

Before you jump ahead to my slideshow, read these 10 questions and then take your best guess while watching the show; don't worry it's not literature-heavy! (answers are at the bottom!)

  • a) What are the red flowers next to the white tulips called?
  • b) Why is there a picture of a t-shirt? 
  • c) How well off was Shakespeare's family?
  • d) What did Shakespeare's dad do for a living?
  • e) Why does the glove have a slit in it?
  • f)What is the cross-shaped item in Shakespeare's trundle bed?
  • g) Why did people in Shakespeare's time sleep sitting up rather than lying down?
  • h) Who is the funny character with a #To be or not to be sign?
  • i)  Who did visitors list as their favourite Shakespeare character?
  •  j) What did Shakespeare turn his childhood home into after he inherited it?
  • Bonus: Where does the saying "good night, sleep tight" come from?
  • Bonus: Which play is the quote on Sapna's tattoo from?

Anna, Dima, Ani, Glenn and I had a fun day out. I have to say that despite the 15 quid entry fee, this entrance pass is definitely worth it; there are tour guides on every floor of the house that tell you fun facts you didn't learn in high school English class, and the pass is valid for a year. Part of the house still has original floors--still standing after having 26 MILLION people walk through it.

Here are the quiz answers!

a.  botanias  
b. modern Hamlet interpretation costume!  
c. upper middle class! In fact, families with beds and not mats on the ground were doing quite well in the 15th century. 
d. glover (glove-maker)
e. to better grip a weapon
f. rope-tightener for the bed
g. Two reasons -  1) they believed the devil came to take you away if you lay down because you looked dead and 2) they had breathing problems from all the smoke/candles of the day
h. Hamlet - cartoon-ized.
i. Juliet
j. A pub called The Swan & Maidenhead (with rooms for overnight guests)! We definitely visited our share of those while in town.

Bonus #1:  The ropes on trundle beds needed to be tightened every couple days to ensure you didn't fall through your mattress to the ground...where the rats were!

Bonus #2: - Hamlet!  Remember this

I remembered something important walking through Shakespeare's town. I love literature. I need to read like I used to read. I want to be a linguist. Not a marketeer, nor a teacher. A linguist. PhD funding hunt, here I come. 

I realized something else. ALSLAs, we have not spent enough time together and we're halfway done. Here's to a summer of linguistic fun!

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