Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Eights: A Beautiful Day at Oxford's Annual Boat Races!

Saturday afternoon was a beautiful, sunny, break, as Majka, Anna, Dima, Melissa and I headed down to the Oxford boat houses to watch the Summer Eights, the annual college boat races held by the Oxford University Rowing Club. Rather than being a timed race, the goal is for the boats to bump the boat in front of them (disqualifying the "bumped" team), or to complete the race un-bumped. It's definitely a don't-miss event if you're in Oxford during the summer - complete with crowds of cheering students drinking Pimm's Lemonade. One boat had matching Viking hats. There were even signs up all over the park telling spectators to expect a"Wedding Boat" and to cheer on the bride & groom!

The Wedding Boat!
 We watched the teams from the Brasenose College boat house, and then Majka, Dima and I headed down to the start point, to catch a glimpse of the place where the most "action" occurred. A beautiful walk along the river! We settled for a drink at the Head of the River pub to finish off our afternoon, after realizing the wait for pub food was 45 minutes. Instead, we opted for dinner at the Eagle & Child  on St. Giles street in town, where I had an amazing veggie burger!

Melissa, Anna, Sapna
Before the boats bumped!

Majka at the Boats

Sapna & Dima

Anna, Melissa and I spent Saturday night drinking German beer and watching two German teams in the European Championship football match, from the Brasenose college bar and HCR (a common room for graduate students). Unfortunately, Anna's team didn't win, but we still had an awesome night. 

Just a short post to share my latest Oxford experience, really. Here's to a summer filled with breaks like these, interspersed between analyzing data and writing 20 000 words!

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