Saturday, June 08, 2013

St Jean de Bueges - Visiting the French Countryside with a Host Family

Before I post about the beautiful city and beaches of Montpellier (next post!), I'd like to devote a short post to the host family who welcomed me into their home. 

Below are a few pics of their beautiful home in Montpellier, just steps away from the city centre. It was full of home-made paintings, cute pieces of art, and had a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Noisette the Turtle!

On the first data collection trip I made to visit a school in Montpellier, I spent 6 nights with them, and on my return I spent three nights there. They were so welcoming, and I loved the opportunity to meet their family, speak French and learn more about the French culture.

The room I stayed in!
in the room!

Pomponette - who loved my bed!

A few examples of our meals (I paid for half board, so lunch was only included on weekends):

  • Breakfast - the most amazing croissants ever, or, fresh bread - with homemade jam
  • Dinner: fried egg, red peppers stuffed with rice and sundried tomatoes. Then, tomato cucumber salad with polenta. And a bit of cheese for dessert. Cherries, and a soya pudding/yogurt type dessert. Then tea. 
  • Dinner:   Zucchini and thyme bake.  Linguini. Fresh mixed greens salad. Fresh bread on the side. Sugar free cherry crumble for dessert. Then, a tisane.
On the weekend, we took a one night trip to St. Jean de Bueges, a little village 45 minutes away from the city (Bueges is the name of the river).  The host family's daughter, son and I wandered the paths and picked thyme, which we added to the vegetables for our dinner! The home cooked meals I had in France were delectable and were served as if they were courses, over the course of 1.5 to 2 hours. No half-hour rushed dinners here! They eat really late though (8pm at the earliest), so that was a bit hard to get used to.

Check out the slideshow of the south of France...complete with flowers, herbs, vineyards and cacti!.

P.S....I have to add a picture of a French tomato!  (These ones are called "coeurs de boeufs" I believe...they have regular tomatoes, as well).  They are delicious! 

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