Friday, July 19, 2013

Bath - A Gorgeous, Luxurious & Literary (Jane Austen) Break

A gorgeous day trip to Bath was the perfect end to Anna and my mid-July road trip. After returning to London and then Oxford for an interview, finding ourselves with an extra day left with the car, and portending the long, crammed, sleepless nights ahead to frantically finish a dissertation by the end of August, we decided to take advantage of the day and have a "luxury day" touring Bath. 
 Bath is a beautiful, historic town, and one of the places Jane Austen and her family lived. History and literature in one beautiful day! In fact, Anna and I were so determined to make the best of our last day, after our visit to the Jane Austen museum we stretched our budget and took the Twilight Tour of the Roman Baths. (To be honest, our "hotel on wheels" for three nights  of the week before took care of the slight budget issue). Yes, it was a total tourist trap, but it felt great! While I didn't snap a photo of the dinner (a mozzarella and tomato tart with rocket salad), it was delicious. Check out the close-up of my Raspberry Pavlova!
Raspberry Pavlova @ Twilight Tours, Bath
 Check out the slideshow below for a view of Jane Austen costume fun, and the stunning architecture at the Roman Baths. Another highlight was the gift store, in which I purchased a REAL quill pen and ink! Oh, and the tiny book that Jane Austen wrote when she was eleven years old ---"The History of England - by a Partial, Prejudiced, & Ignorant Historian". Too funny!

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