Sunday, July 28, 2013

Singapore Reunion - London Style!

As most of you know, The Singapore Lizard was named for my adventures in Singapore, in 2006-2007, where I worked with, met, spent time with, and traveled with some of my best friends. So, although we all live in different pockets of the world, and someone seems to move every year or two, every time we have a chance to meet again, I dedicate a short blog post to our reunion. 

Well, as luck would have it, Kristin came to visit me for a weekend at the end of July for a quick tour of Oxford and a night at a fabulous hotel near Westminister Bridge in London. Spontaneously, we sent a few texts and voila, our mini-reunion included Joelle and Arno! Wow, what a great weekend!   

The pictures below show the four of us, and a view of  The Big Ben from our hotel window.
Here's to more Singapore reunions in the very near future!!!

Arno, Joelle, Kristin, Sapna

The Big Ben!  LONDON!

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