Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thames River Cruise - Celebrating The End of an Oxford MSc!

Finally! As a group, all of us members of MSc. Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition (ALSLA) 2012-2013 handed our dissertations in on Thursday. Without exactly planning it, those of us left in Oxford picked up our dissertation from the binders and walked over to the Exam Schools together. Success! What a relief!

The last forty five days have been so intense - surviving on a few hours sleep, writing, editing, statistically analysing almost every part of my study over and over, and finding a way to make a strong discussion and conclusion comprehensible and interesting to someone who hasn't been studying fluency for the past year!  I must say though, that I loved it - and I can't wait to do my PhD! 

Oral fluency is such a fascinating topic - and I have even had the chance to communicate (via email) with one of the leading fluency researchers (in Holland) and read groundbreaking research papers.  I find linguistics fascinating, and I can't wait to make a career of it! For the next few days though, we are celebrating! 

(Just a note on the photos - thank you to Martina, Ricky's girlfriend, for the fabulous photography. And sorry for the low resolution of these pics - I don't have the original files so I took them off Facebook, who (*cringe*) KILLS photo quality when it uploads/MASSACRES it when you download other people's pics). Thank goodness for Flickr!

From top left:  Kingsley, Ricky, Kat, Sapna, Dima, Mengru, Flora, Paola, Majka

ALSLA  Dissertation Fun poses! 

Correctly labeling all the envelopes, inserting 3 copies and filling out forms - handing in your thesis, Oxford style

Majka and Dima - Happy to be done!
We continued our celebration at Head of the River pub near Christchurch college, over dinner and drinks. Rishi was visiting me for the day, since he was in town for Sunny and Nia's wedding (next post, coming up!!). So, he joined us for a drink, too. 

From left to right:  Majka, Paola, Sapna, Ricky, Rishi, Martina, Dima, Kat, Kingsley

Our last celebration together was the Thames River dinner/ party cruise we took on Friday evening....WOW what a gorgeous view of the Big Ben (obviously my Android phone does not do it justice). It was such a beautiful way to drink tequila, dance, and enjoy an evening on the Thames after all that hard work!

Thames River Party Cruise (Absolute Party Cruises) - August 30, 2013!

Now...back to that job hunt, and then off on some adventures with Janice, visiting from home! Stayed tuned for more posts and attempts at amateur photography coming up!

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