Monday, September 02, 2013

Sunny & Nia's Wedding - A Beautiful Ceremony at a Historic Tudor House

Sunny & Nia
Sunny and Nia's wedding was a small, gorgeous celebration at Hall Place and Gardens, a historical site where Henry VIII roamed the halls. The photos below are taken from the Bexley Heritage Trust website. The venue was absolutely stunning - a medieval design, beautiful lights adorning a castle-like structure and walls and hallways of historical significance to walk through.

I think it's the smallest wedding I've ever been to - 55 people -and I loved it! How amazing to meet nearly everyone that attends a wedding - and to really have a chance to talk to the extended families at a wedding breakfast the next morning.

Re: the photos - I have not been able to get the professional pics yet, and my own pics did not turn out (mostly because I only had my Android on me, as the wedding fell during my dissertation crisis), so I've borrowed these three photos from the communal wedding instagram feed and edited them as much as I could. (I'll skip my rant on how photo sharing programs other than Flickr Pro seem to massacre photography).
Bexley Heritage Trust - Hall place

Bexley Heritage Trust - Hall place

What a gorgeous wedding! Congratulations Sunny and Nia!

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