Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloqueen - Oxford's Annual (Cross) Dress-up Fest!

Sapna & Anna
Just a short note about this year's annual HALLOQUEEN party!  Yes, that's right, Oxford's way to celebrate All Hallow's Eve is a cross-dressing spectacular! Brendan, Anna and I spent hours choosing our outfits. I managed to scrape by with top hat and business suit, kind of like Charlin Chaplin minus the cane, but Anna went all out and decided to take a feminist take on Robin Thicke.  For those of you (like me) who hate music videos and don't have a clue who this is....he's a singer (unfortunately half Canadian) who made a sleazy video at MTV's video music awards comments how he knows girls "want it'. Miley Cyrus managed to make his performance even it if you really want to know.

Brendan and Anna
Brendan and Sapna
The best parts of Anna's outfit?   1) The make-shift pinstripe jacket, made from (yup, you are reading this right), a roll of masking tape! and 2) The awesome sign, advocating women's rights, rather than the sleazy Robin Thicke attitude.

Brendan really put on a show...look how well Anna did his makeup and wig!

So, while the rest of the world (or most likely North America) is celebrating the night when the words of the living and the dead supposedly cross, Oxford students are cross-dressing. Unfortunately for us, we waited 1.5 hours in the freezing cold (albeit not freezing to Canadian standards), and STILL didn't even get through half the queue to be let into St. Antony's college! The trouble was they sold advance tickets to St. Antony's students and their friends...leaving the rest of us to freeze in the cold. 

It was an okay night anyway, and we met some people from Hertford College and then spent the rest of the night with Kellogg crowd at a horrible club (I love Oxford's "bops" (parties), but I am WAY too old for Oxford's horrible clubs). Next year I guess we'll find some friends at St. Antony's if we decide to go!

Happy Belated Halloween!

Stay tuned for my MSc. graduation post....coming soon!

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