Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kiara & The Leaves: A Beautiful Autumn Photoshoot in Oxford!

Kiara - my beautiful pup!
One part of being a workaholic in Canada that I miss is the numerous photography classes I took (the grad student budget/potential British salary  just doesn't make that happen). Hoping to remember bits and pieces of courses I've taken, I headed off to the park near my home in Oxford last Sunday to photograph my beautiful pup. 

Kiara is four years old now, and wow, does she know how to pose! I did get some strange looks from people walking by as I talked to my dog, telling her to pose...hold that know, maybe like photographers would do for kids. K is much better than a kid, I still hold to that fact ---she's beautiful, caring, cuddly, does not require diapers or crazy feeding schedules or answers to annoying questions or constant babysitting or require me to change my whole life plan and give up my life for her--and she is genuinely one of the best parts of my life. 

Why not to live in Edmonton, Canada (photo from EIA website)
The photo to the left is how Edmonton, Canada looked on November 16th, when these photos were taken (official airport photo!) Lucky for us, we live in the UK and can enjoy the beautiful autumn weather all the way into November and beyond. 

I feel extra lucky to have Kiara with me, today, as last night (very early this morning to be exact), I had the most terrifying scare I've ever had. I fell asleep on the sofa (having spent the last three days and nights almost entirely on my Oxford PhD proposal due at midnight).  Kiara was upstairs. She came downstairs and woke me up around 5am (I thought she had tripped down the stairs). Then - she went flat on her side and started CONVULSING. It was the most frightening ten seconds (15 seconds?) of my life.  She was conscious, but SHAKING uncontrollably and foaming at the mouth and twitching her legs. I petted her to try to calm her down, then thought she might be choking and pried open her mouth, remembering the first aid course I took for Girl Guide leadership and sweeping her mouth for an object (nothing). I rushed to my phone to Google an emergency vet or pet hospital, but before I finished typing she had stopped. She shook her head, barked, looked at me and then acted TOTALLY NORMAL. She cuddled with me in my bed all night and totally didn't understand why I was suddenly sad and crying. Obviously, I didn't sleep a wink.

Thankfully, it is Saturday today, not Sunday.The vet was open and able to schedule me in last minute for their Botley office. It turns out that sometimes dogs have "fits" and 10 seconds is not a cause for alarm. Some dogs get "ideomatic epilepsy" (which means they don't know where it comes from), but hopefully she doesn't have that. So, I have to watch her carefully, and film it if it happens again,  but since her physical exam was perfect two weeks ago (other than an ear infection and small skin rash), she should be fine. I felt SO happy and relieved after returning from the vet's office today. 

I'm still a VERY amateur photographer, who only owns a Canon Rebel T1i and three lenses - the original, the portrait lens and the 70-300mm zoom. Clearly, I'm horrible at taking action shots. It's been almost two years since I took a photography course, so bear with me!  

Anyway, enjoy the thirty best photos I took of the smiling puppy!

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