Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Surprise Anonymous Gift, TMBFY & The 100 Happy Days Challenge

Something happened yesterday that brightened my day and convinced me to (finally) accept the 100 Happy Days Challenge that has been furiously floating on feeds (which I have been following, but been "too busy" to try myself). The site says 71% of people who start the challenge (to post a picture of happiness in your day, every day) drop out, citing "lack of time" as the main reason. Here's why I decided to start the challenge:

I walked into the Keen Bean Coffee Club in Cowley, Oxford, to meet Ariell, my new yoga buddy, for coffee. I was a bit grumpy at the lack of certainty in my life after my work contract ends in July, albeit excited to finally talk to Ariell in a non-yoga context! Luckily, I grabbed the last table in this small cafe...and this is what was waiting for me on it. 

This Must Be For You! (We moved tables later, and Ariell found one, too)

At first I thought it was an ad...then a joke...and then I thought Ariell might know if it was a trend the cafe started. Ever so cautiously, I went to the This Must Be For You website on my mobile, and then thought, hey, okay, maybe this is for me!  TMBFY is an organisation that teams up with local businesses to leave free, anonymous gifts for people in cafes and other public places, to "reignite [their] faith in human kindness" and brighten up their days.

Here is what was inside:

Chill  out Music! Sorry for the horrible mobile phone quality photo!

Sofar Sounds  is an organisation that promotes "secret" gigs held all over the world. The sampling of music I got was very chill...even Kiara chilled out to it! They are playing in London on April 26th, so I may see if Ariell (or anyone else) wants to go!

Oh, and before we left the cafe (which also has record players and an affordable used music store called  The Truck Store attached to it), this is what we received as a freebie:

Chill Out Music 2
I love the idea of randomly finding little free gifts (or perhaps giving them) to brighten someone's day. Ariell and I are considering e-mailing the organisation and being gift givers, as well. 

Janice started the 100 Happy Days challenge on March 1, 2014 and I've been following her feed. The little exciting event yesterday convinced me to start it on March 29, 2014 rather than waiting for April 1st. Kim is coming over for dinner tonight, so I'm waiting until then to take today's pic! All my pictures will be posted on Flickr (I hate Facebook's low-quality degradation of your photos that they claim to own). Check out this link periodically over the next three months:

I'll post to Facebook every week to remind you to click, if you'd like to see my happy moments. Apparently, you can get a Happy Moments Book if you complete the challenge - I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Nice post! You should thank the organisation

Sapna said...

Thanks! Good idea- I will do that :)