Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book of Mormon & Fatal Attraction: My Encounter with Celebrity and Two London Shows!

Dayna and I were incredibly lucky two weeks ago - we saw TWO shows in one day, in my favourite city.  (This is my last retro-blog post from Dayna's trip).  Our plan was to wander London in the morning and then  catch ONE show (the matinee of Book of Mormon). I was hoping to get same-day half-price tickets from Leicester Square's TKTS booth, as I usually do, but we had tried that during our trip to London earlier in the week. No one is selling half-price tickets to this amazing show.

So...we decided this would be our splurge and we ordered the tickets online a few days before. We got a last minute "deal" for £40. They were seats that Theatre Monkey said were "you get what you pay for" and not that great. Turns out ---they were Dress Circle seats and the weren't even restricted view! Seemed pretty amazing from where we were sitting.

Picture from Book of Mormon site
Book of Mormon is incredible ---it's HILARIOUS! I cannot believe that it hasn't become a major religious controversy. Apparently it also appeals to people of the Mormon faith (but I can't see how, since it seemed to be mocking it the whole time!). Definitely a must-see!

On our random walk around London a few hours before the Book of Mormon matinee, we walked down Haymarket street. Dayna stopped suddenly. There was a massive poster in front of the Royal Haymarket Theatre that looked like this:
Picture from Royal Haymarket Theatre site

Dayna said "Oh, wow that's Fatal Attraction!" and I said, "What's that?!" No, I haven't seen the film, but I definitely will now. Yes, that's Kristin Davis who is Charlotte on Sex and the City, Natascha McElhone, who is Karen on Californication and Mark Bazeley, who played in The Bourne Ultimatum and The Queen. Star-studded cast ACTING LIVE.

Dayna jokingly said, "We should see two shows and catch the evening one." I laughed and said the tickets were probably £100! Then, I remembered that Kat said she had been to the theatre a few times for under 20 quid, an hour before the show. However, we were a good EIGHT hours before the show, so I was sure they'd still be full price.

You won't believe this.

We got FRONT ROW CENTRE seats for £15! We were TWO FEET away from Kristin Davis. We could see all of the actors' facial expressions. We could see that the wine looked fake, but the blood looked real. THAT close. 

I LOVE London. I love it so much. One of the most incredible experiences, ever.

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