Sunday, May 04, 2014

Vegan Cream Tea & Kensington Wine Rooms: London Fun!

Dayna at Coconut Cream Tea, La Suite, London
Dayna, who Kiara and I used to run with every week when we lived in Edmonton, came to visit me this past week! (Yes, I'm retro-blogging by six days; we had so much fun, I didn't have time to scribble down my thoughts). As Dayna was in France doing a cycle tour of Provence, she came back with delicious truffles (yes, real truffles, not just oil) and tomatoes that were not sun-dried, but looked it, and were fresh, red and juicy. 

We had vegan burgers at The Gardeners' Arms, Oxford's vegetarian pub, and then spent the night with Katarina and her friends at Love Jericho's cocktail bar.

The next morning, we spent Dayna's first day in London at Tower Bridge (we saw about half of it, skipped the 1 hour queue for Crown Jewels and it still took us 3.5 hours!) Check out the creepy ravens (there are 6, who are kept to follow an old legend and guard the tower against bad luck)

Tower Bridge, London

Creepy Ravens, Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge - in the Gardens, London

Next, we headed over to La Suite Hotel for vegan cream tea!  Oh, wow, was this ever amazing food! Guacamole, corgette, tofu scramble and hummous sandwiches,  vegan scones (which were sooo light), coconut cream, strawberries and jam. Plus, chocolate cake and a dessert called bavarois (a jelly-like thing which I could not swallow). 

Sapna at Coconut Cream Tea, La Suite London

Chocolate Cake, Almond dessert and Bavarois

We completed our evening by meeting up with Alexandra in Kensington Gardens. We walked through Hyde Park, took a peek at Kate and William's home, and wandered through to the Kensington Wine Rooms, an incredible wine bar. We split a bottle of Ballon, an organic Bordeaux wine. We also sampled a white wine made from fermented oranges (it tasted a bit like candy), but decided that a full bodied Bordeaux was the way to go! 

Stay tuned for more of Dayna and my London & Oxfordshire adventures!

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