Saturday, May 17, 2014

Walking London, Bleinham Palace Maze, College Dinner at St. Cross & A Polish Festival

Wow, a convoluted title - I know!  I'm still retro-blogging from Dayna's trip to visit me in Oxford ten days ago.  Since our first day in London was spent at Tower Bridge and Vegan Cream Tea, we spent another entire day walking around my favourite city. and a day in Oxfordshire visiting Bleinham Palace (and doing the hedge maze!) and enjoying Oxford's college traditions with Kat.


So, one point I forgot to mention about our day at Tower Bridge was that, on our way to find an alternate tube station (due to a strike and engineering works), we randomly came across a Polish festival! We were drawn to it by the giant PIMMS sign. Dayna had never tried Pimm's and, as we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather, we stopped for drink!

It turns out Dayna LOVES bridges and parks  (Dayna, you need to meet my friend Camille. Camille, remember our trip to Prague and Vienna in 2008 where you convinced me that a full day should be spent touring parks? Totally one of our best days!)  Dayna and I spent the day wandering around London, and visited Hyde Park, Green Park, St. James' Park and then strolled past the major tourist sites (Big Ben, etc). 

Bleinham Palace Maze

The next day, we ventured out to Bleinham Palace. If you'd like to see a slideshow of the Palace itself, check out the post I wrote when I went to Bleinham with Janice. The pictures I took this time were similar, except that Dayna and I spent most of our time outside (in the parks!) It was really lovely. We even took the mini-train (which went slower than our walking pace) to a few extra gardens, and the beautiful Bleinham Palace hedge maze. It said it would take 25 minutes to solve...and we did it in 13!  Here are some pics of the palace and gardens! 
Bleinham Palace Gardens

Bleinham Waterfall

The Regal Lion
Winston Churchill's Train
Dayna's Truffles from France on bread. Or, the $40 sandwich!

Dayna at the Maze

Bleinham Palace Maze!
Dayna and the Cannon

St. Cross College Formal Dinner

Kat was kind enough to invite us to her college's formal dinner which happened to be on  the Tuesday. Every college has these (one per week; the day depends on the college). St Cross' food was quite good, and they even made Dayna and I vegan Thai green curry. Our dessert was an amazing sorbet! Of course, we  dressed up and wore our college gowns on top, as per the tradition. Dayna tried on Kat's gown, too! What a lovely way to spend Dayna's visit to Oxford (and Kat's last couple weeks in Oxford)! 

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