Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bounce London - A Table Tennis Bar and Joelle's Going Away

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of preparing for my next big move in life, trying to see as much of London as I can before I leave, and working like mad (to pay for the moving costs that keep piling and piling up...)

Saturday was Joelle's going away party (and the Sunday before that was a dim sum - a mini-Singapore reunion in Chinatown/Leicester Square, followed by hanging out in the sunshine at St. James' Park!) Joelle, too, has made a big life move ---back to Singapore!  For those of you just reading this on my blog now,  Kiara and I are off to Barcelona at the end of August so that I can do my PhD in Applied Linguistics at Universitat Barcelona!  I'm also off to Canada in a couple weeks to hand in my documents (which have been a horrendous process) to the Spanish embassy in Toronto and hang out in the country while they process my student visa. Poor puppy has to stay here at a very expensive dog daycare (just for the Canada bit, of course! - she is definitely coming to Barca with me).

Joelle and her friends Clare, Johti, Emma, Ewan, Julia and I went to Bounce London , an interesting venue which is a combination of a pub and an indoor ping pong table facility. Yup, not a pool bar, but a ping pong bar! We had two teams --Panda Pong and Sweaty Betty  (Panda Pong with Joelle as captain won the round). The place is really great - 18 quid for a one hour table; they even give you a games master who tells you how to play each game (and gives the winning team a trophy)

According to this article about 22 reasons people should live in Barcelona, there are ping pong tables all over Barcelona---so I guess this was my practice run!

We concluded the evening with board games and a delicious meal of fish tacos (veggie tacos for me!) at Johti's flat.

Veggie Dim Sum in Chinatown - June 22nd

The Invention of Ping Pong?
PIng Pong Games!
Clare,Joelle & Julia - Ping Pong champs!

Thank you for a lovely Saturday, Joelle!  Best of luck in Singapore!!!

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