Sunday, July 06, 2014

Woozlebears Dog Hydrotherapy: Kiara's Torn Crucial Ligament Journey

As a few of you know, Kiara recently tore her cruciate ligament (ACL in humans, and CCL in dogs). (Yes, the tennis player/football player injury!) K had surgery on April 28th, 2014, four weeks after she tore it - primarily because she was soooo happy and playful, I had no idea she was in pain :(

So, I thought I'd dedicate a post to Kiara and her recovery so far. Apparently, tearing a cruciate ligament is the most common dog injury. I was sooo worried about her, because, despite strict instructions to not make jerky movements she continued to act crazily, jumping up on the windowsill and thinking everything was fairly normal.

  • Kiara had pre-op x-rays mid-April to make sure it was the ligament she had actually torn
  • The day after the surgery, Kiara was supposed to be super drowsy, but apparently, the vet called her "AMAZING"...she wanted to walk on it right away! 

Kiara after Surgery Day - with the surgery wrap (to avoid her licking it)

All Smiles with my Florescent Surgery Wrap!

I wasn't supposed to go on the sofa...but I did anyway!

My housemate and my many, many, failed attempts to stop Kiara climbing the sofa...she climbed OVER everything

We had a multitude of physio props at our sessions - this is the Wobble Board. There are also Wobble Cushions!

One session even included hurdles!

Perfect Post-Op Xrays!

  • Kiara got the all-clear at her post-op xrays 5 weeks later - thank goodness! Vet said it was the BEST EVER he had seen for a cruciate ligament heal
  • So, we got to start Doggie Hydrotherapy at Woozlebears in Whitney! It's a 45 minute bus ride each way, but we love going there
  • Basically, the physio and the hydro is now to make her leg stronger, and to make sure she doesn't put too much stress on the other legs, and  tear ligaments in them, too (unfortunately, also very common).

Kiara is all-smiles in the Underwater Treadmill!

Playing ball in the Underwater Treadmill Tank

I love running underwater!

Drying Off in Woozlebear's Dryer Room
Kiara's first two sessions at Hydrotherapy went super well. The physio said she was doing amazingly so we added jogging (3 minutes on, 3 minutes walk). We did a 35 minute session and K seemed totally fine afterwards. 
Turns out, that didn't go that well :(   Kiara started "compensating more" with her other leg at her third hydrotherapy session and the physio said we have change up the exercises again.

So, we're back to walking (no more intermittent running). I'm being SUPER careful to follow her physiotherapy plan perfectly this week and next week. 

Cross your fingers for this amazing pup ---I need her to be doing really well again before I leave for Canada to get my student visa. Poor girl won't have any hydro or physio for four whole weeks! Can't wait until we're all settled in our new place in Spain...

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