Friday, August 08, 2014

Heritage Days 2014 with Janice --Free Fun & Fabulous Food!

As many of you know, Heritage Days is my favourite summer festival in Edmonton, Canada. It's a cultural and food festival that features samples of food from different countries around the world (hosted by their cultural associations in the city). It just so happens that I was around for it this year.

The last time I went to Heritage Days before this was 2 years ago, just a few weeks before my departure to Oxford, England. Sean, Meghan, Ryan and I had a blast that day, where I discovered Nepalese curry for the first time (blog post here!).

This year, Janice and I hit up the festival on long weekend Monday (August 4th), the day  after I returned from my hiking trip in Kananaskis with Dayna. It was a nice, hot, summer morning when we met for coffee at the Century Park Starbucks and then took the LRT and bus down to the festival grounds.  We arrived at 10:01 am, just on time to skip the lines.

Janice, who is awesome, had pre-planned a few free activities that we hit up before there were huge queues:

  • Free mini personalized Coke bottles! I got one for Rishi and Rakhi, too!
  • Free, tacky photo booth poses with a Canadian theme!
  • Free 20 minute massages from massage therapy students (Hurt SO much afterwards!)
  • Free gift from the Servus Credit Union tent (I got a reusable bag and Janice got 20 free food tickets! Unfortunately, this was after we had already each purchased 20 tickets.  This meant that Janice's friend who was volunteering at the Japanese tent got 12 free food tickets at the end of the day

Tacky Photo Booth - Canadian Style (Sapna & Janice)

Super Tacky Photo Booth - Sapna and Janice

Then, of course, we hit up the food.  The decisions were ---Dolma (vine leaves with rice) from the Hellenic tent, Lekse (a Norwegian mini pancake, not so great), elephant ears (from Croatia, for Janice), Potatoes with egg from Portugal (not so good :( Vegetarian Pad Thai (SO delicious!), and Chocolate Affogato. Now, the affogato wasn't technically on the menu. So, Janice stood in the espresso line while I stood in the gelato line at the Italian food and coffee tents. Then, much to the horror of the children standing around us (and to the delight of the Italian woman serving the gelato), we poured the espresso over the gelato. YUM! I love you, Italy! 

That evening, Rakhi was in town, so she drove me back to her place in Calgary (as I was planning to be there all week to help Julie prep for her wedding).  We enjoyed a beautiful Vietnamese veggie rice roll  dinner together the next night, and it was a rare time that I got to spend with my sister. Thanks for hosting me for my five days in Calgary, Rakhi!

Vietnamese Veggie Rice Wraps with Thai Peanut Sauce!

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