Sunday, April 26, 2015

Girl's Day Out in Barrio Gotico: Barcelona's Best Eats, Santa Caterina Market, Kokua Shoes, Shopping and GELAAATI!

Sapna & Anna @ Kokua Shoes
This post has a bit of loaded title - I know! Saturday's afternoon and evening off was a beautiful girl's night out. Anna and I decided to spend late afternoon walking the Gothic neighbourhood and El Born, one of Barcelona's most beautiful areas. It seems almost mythical, as if you are walking down streets that came out of pages of an enchanted history book. 

You may have noticed that I didn't blog about my 30th birthday in January (strange?!) The truth is, Carly, Marina (friends from my PhD course) and I tried to go out for gelato. Simple enough, you'd think, but the place that was recommended to me (as well as every other one) was closed that night!!! It was also closed the day after!  

Yesterday, though, Anna and I found it open and waiting for us --- GELAAATI! -- the best gelato I have ever had. It tastes like Italy. You can feel every flavour in your mouth...creamy and delicious. Definitely check out this Italian gelato place in the Gothic quarter.

GELAATI - the best gelato in Barcelona!

Anna with veggie tapas
Fish tapas for Anna
We then stopped at a weekend long tapas festival at Santa Catarina Market, close to Anna's place. Mmm...tapas! We definitely didn't get wine though - they were charging almost 5 euros a glass, and everyone knows that a good bottle costs less than that here. 

 Here's Anna with my veggie tapas - tortilla de patatas and goat cheese and veggie spread!

Dessert and shoe shopping before dinner? Why not?! Anna introduced me to Kokua, a store that only sells ballerina flats!  They are all handmade in Barcelona - and beautiful. It really defines the Barcelona's style --- beautiful shoes, but only if they're comfortable! I have seen very few people wandering the streets in high heels. I bought two pairs (oops!!)

Kokua Summery Blue Ballerinas!

Kokua's Pretty in Pink Ballerinas!
Dinner was at NAP Italian pizza. Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't BAD...but it definitely is not worth all the hype! There are two locations  - one in Urquinaona and one in Barceloneta, by the beach. I much prefer Eccola, the pizzeria by my house. 

We ended the night with wine (as always!) at Anna's place, since it's nearby. What a beautiful night in a beautiful city with a beautiful friend ... I really love my life here! (Now off to work on that PhD I came here for ;) 

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