Saturday, April 18, 2015

Little Italy in El Born - Anna's Birthday Celebration

Anna's birthday dinner Friday night was a blast - and a great chance to catch up with a few people from my last Spanish class, like Cristina, Regina and Kirill.  Little Italy is a lovely little restaurant in the neighbourhood of El Born. I had the mushroom risotto , one of the few vegetarians items on the menu, and of course, we shared a tiramisu. Mmm, Italian...

One aspect I love about Barcelona is its "barrios". There are so many different neighbourhoods with very, very different atmospheres. It's like living in a big city full of beautiful small towns and architectural marvels. El Born is quite touristy,  but it has an old town feel that really is beautiful.

Happy 28th Birthday, Anna :)  I am so glad that we met in our Spanish class and I hope you have a lovely year ahead. Thank you for the invite  and all the best :)

Regina, Anna and Cristina

Anna, Sapna and Andres

Renato, Anna and Vanesa
Group shot at Little Italy Restaurant - From left-back  - Andres, Renato, Cristina, Kirill, Vanesa, Sapna Anna, Regina

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