Sunday, April 19, 2015

Relatos Salvajes: An Intense, Moving, Must-See Argentinian Film

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Relatos Salvajes  is an Argentinian, Oscar-nominated gem - I have never seen a film that depicts human emotions in such a vivid, poignant, intense way. At times, it is an exaggerated portrayal of human reactions to situations that we all encounter on a daily basis - a plane ride, a driver with road rage, bureaucratic parking officials, a cheating lover - and at times, it is a completely accurate portrayal of internal rage, panic, distress and vengeance. This film will keep you guessing the entire way through - it's 6 mini films in one - 6 separate, suspenseful tales.

If you've read my other movie reviews, you know that if a movie gets 6.5 or higher on IMDB, it normally gets my approval as well. This film has an 8.2 - phenomenal.  

To those of you who don't speak Spanish, and don't like 'reading movies', WATCH THIS ONE ANYWAY. It is that good - and as far as I know, not that hard to find with subtitles. We watched it in our Spanish class last week without subtitles - and learned some Argentinian Spanish words :) 

In fact, I'm going to watch this film again this afternoon - a lazy Sunday. Three years ago I would have been too busy to let myself relax for the entire day on a Sunday, but now that I live in Spain, and everything is closed on Sundays - even more so than England  - I'm starting to like it.  Happy Sunday - I hope you watch and enjoy this cinematic gem :)

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