Sunday, May 17, 2015

Girona's Temp de Flors - A Beautiful Celebration of 60 Years of Flowers & An Evening of Friendship

Girona's 60th Temps de Flors festival
 Girona's Temps de Flors festival is a beautiful celebration of flowers in an exquisite, picturesque town. Olivia, one of my friends from Spanish class, and I went to Girona to check out the 60th anniversary of this festival.

We were starving when we got there, so we didn't make enough of an attempt to find a really great place to eat for under 20 euros each (and I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the place Sean and I went to Girona in January). Remember this beautiful winter trip?  

For everyone planning to go there,  El Pou de Call - (link here) is definitely the place where you should eat in Girona. It's a few shops down from the Museum of Jewish History  and has delectable 3 course meals. Olivia and I ended up at a mediocre restaurant and had pinxos (kind of like tapas on bread) and a glass of average wine for 11.50 euros

After our meal, we stumbled across a very cute little cafe called 1900. It looked like a Roman courtyard! There are a few more pictures of the cafe in my slideshow below.

Cafe Suiss...there are my Sunday calories!

Oh, and just a practical note - make sure you take R11 (Rodalies Renfre) and not the Renfe train to Girona. (You'll pay 17 euros instead of 35+!) Olivia and I accidentally got on the wrong train on the way back (WAY more comfortable).  Thanks to the 60 year anniversary of the Temp de Flors festival, the conductor thought we had just forgot to print off our 35% off coupons ;) 

Check  out the slideshow of the flowers below!  It was a bit difficult to take photos with SO many tourists in crowded, tiny little streets, but I did what I could.  (This reminds me that I should go back to taking photography classes!)

Olivia and I came home and cooked a lovely dinner of broccoli, peppers, basil tofu, garbazon beans and sunflower seeds stirfried on a bed of quinoa. It was amazing. We also had a dessert my Norwegian friend Silje from Oxford taught me to make - pineapple pieces, sprinkled with cinnamon and baked at 150 degrees celsius for 10 minutes. Mmm---healthy and delicious!  (Pictures of the meal are on Olivia's camera and are coming soon!)

 We also watched one of my favourite French films  La Faute a Fidel which is the story of an elite family in Paris in the 1960's who decide to have a leftist political approach and protest against Franco in Spain and the regime in Cuba. It's told from the perspective of a 9 year old girl trying to understand why her life is changing so drastically. A must see!

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