Sunday, May 24, 2015

Platja Vilanova I La Gentru and a Cup and Cake Sunday

My weekend has been absolutely perfect, after a week of hard-core sleepless nights working as an English teacher and furiously studying (in an attempt to design my pilot study). Weekend is definitely chill-time, whether that's coffee with friends, running with my puppy, or something more magical.  Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a movie here; I have never been happier.  (Reality check says: you owe a lot in student loans, are living paycheque to paycheque and are forever waiting for a corrupt and bureaucratic government to process your paperwork.  I say: Oops...well, almost like a movie ;)

Saturday night was incredible. Andres took me to Vilanova i La Geltru beach, a beautiful beach about an hour and a half from Barcelona. The sand is finer than Barceloneta and even Badalona's beaches, the sea is more beautiful, at and 8pm, there is hardly anyone there, so you can enjoy walks along the beach. The man at the cocktail place with a terrace on the beach was in a grumpy mood, said he was going to close soon (at 8:30, in Spain), finally agreed to let us buy one drink, and charged us FIVE EUROS for a small glass of Estrella and a mediocre glass of red house wine. Seriously?!

We didn't let it spoil our fun, though.  Sorry there are no pictures (the one below is from the Vilanova city site); we were having too much fun! I would definitely recommend a trip if you can!
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P.S.  Kiara was an absolute angel staying home for the night, no shenanigans, chewed up air conditioning remotes, or accidents!
Perfect Pup - Kiara

Cup and Cake Sunday

Cup and Cake is a brand of cute coffee/brunch chains in Barcelona I've been meaning to try for awhile. Andres had to study for an exam, so on the way back to Barcelona I thought, why not take a couple hours out of my Sunday afternoon and enjoy a giant cheat meal?! Here's my overview of the place in three short bullets:

  • Very cute atmosphere, although very crowded
  • Excellent coffee - my iced cappucino (the first time I've seen this here) was divine!
  • I've had better cake.  Seriously - don't call a cake "Oreo" if the base is vanilla. The base should be chocolate! It wasn't the worst cake, but was not really worth all those calories I just finished ingesting.  

That being said, I'm sitting here watching people order all-day brunch as lunch/dinner (which I didn't do, because 9 euros seems a bit much for an egg sandwich at the end of the month....) but I will be back to try the eggs benedict!

There will be lots of GYM time this week (especially before we jet off for a few days on Thursday!)  Yes, I know GYM time won't really make up for it, but once I week I have to let myself go a bit wild!

Stay tuned for lots of adventures ahead!  Me encanta Espana!

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Camille said...

Oh man, I love Catalonia! Sounds like a LOVELY weekend! So happy for you xo