Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Coffee Bar & Disco Pub: Roadtripping Bilbao & San Sebastian

Kristin & Sean - Road Trip Fun!
Our second stop on our mini-reunion road trip was the north of Spain. In Bilbao and San Sebastian (Basque country), we discovered a beautiful coastline. Although it was cloudy and rainy for half of our stay in the area, we absolutely loved the views. 

Bilbao is a port city, right on the coast and much more modern that we were expecting. Spanish in design, yet modern and towering and very much like many cities. We spent the day touring around, and I did most of the speaking (seeing as my French has attrited so much that my Spanish is better...eek!) Here's to truly understanding my PhD research topic (inhibitory control, which, in simple terms, is how your brain blocks some information (ie: one language) and focuses on other, conflicting information (ie: the other language). Time to "unblock" my French ;)

We took the funicular in Bilbao  and wandered around the old town, and walked along the ocean in San Sebastian. We joined a crowd of locals in Bilbao who were staring at some type of fireman operation - turns out it was the fire department sending up suited-up officers to tackle a beehive growing on someone's balcony!

Pictures may not be worth a thousand words, but they probably do sum up our two days in the area better than I can - again, we spent most of the time chatting, catching up, drinking coffee on terraces, wine in bars (and in our hostel rooms), eating insane amounts of gelato and remembering our Singapore adventures.

Here is the slideshow of our time together - apologies for a few blurry pictures! (I should probably find a photography meetup group and practice...). Note: If you are on a mobile device that does not allow Flash (e.g. Android phone), please click here to see my Flickr set, where you can flip through all the photos in the slideshow.

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