Monday, October 12, 2015

Brunchin' Barcelona: Fabulous Eats at Federal Cafe & Onna Cafe

I've said it often enough - there are three things I miss about Canada - people, brunch and banks (and other paperwork related endeavours). Well, it turns out there is decent brunch in Barcelona, although a bit pricey and hard to find.  Remember when I went to Brunch & Cake near the University? I just had the cake, but the brunch did look delicious - just a bit out of my budget that day!

Onna Cafe, Gracia, Barcelona
This long weekend I was lucky enough to hang out with two great friends I met in Spanish class last year -- Anna and I had brunch at Federal Cafe on Saturday. It's a cute cafe named after a town in Australia, and serves delectable brunch. I had poached eggs on thin toasts with spinach and halloumi cheese and Anna had a burger with potato mash---yum!  I could not for the life of me figure out how to ask for my eggs to be poached HARD in Spanish!!! They thought I meant hard-boiled eggs and they don't serve those. Vocabulary help, anyone?! I don't like runny eggs!

After more than two months of both being too busy to hang out, Anna and I met up and chatted over brunch and lattees  (very un-Spanish, I must say). Sometimes you have to take a few moments to embrace the expat culture of a city you live in, and indulge in a little bit of your own country's culture, too!

This morning,  Olivia and I had a lovely cup of coffee at Onna Cafe in Gracia (they roast their own beans!!!). I had mine with almond milk and she had hers with oat milk. It's a cute, uncrowded little cafe with wooden stools and tables and fresh, aqua coloured booths. Their brunch selection is basically a sandwich or banana bread, but the coffee is DIVINE  (and it's only 3.50 for the coffee and sandwich deal!) I will definitely be back here!

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