Sunday, November 29, 2015

PhD Nerds & Wine Night: A Fun House Party!

PhD Party Fun: (From left: Marina, Irene, Robby, Sapna, Sanders). We missed you, Eva!
Saturday night was a fun time at my place with a few of my PhD friends finally getting together for wine, appetizers, piano, geek speak and whiteboard doodles. Last year the program seemed quite lonely; the social aspect was lacking no matter how hard we tried to get people together. Finally - it's getting a little bit better; those of us who want to collaborate academically and socialize together are finding each other!  

Also, I had a great excuse to spend Saturday making a  few (mostly healthy) recipes I really like and a couple new ones from my favourite food blogs. Check them out -  they are so delicious and so easy to make! Easy Parmesan Mushrooms (I add basil and tomato), Greek Salad Layer Dip  (so delicious!!!) , Zucchini Hummous, Potato Nachos (I used diced tofu instead of bacon bits)  and Marscapone Brownies.

What I learned(What's a post about a nerds' night without some geeky bullet points?)
  • Robby can write Hindi script and understand the differences between the 3 (or 4?) th, k and d sounds that I never could. We had some fun on my whiteboard
  • We have some serious piano players in our PhD group - time to motivate each other to practice!!!
  • White wine makes for  a much worse hangover than red wine
  • I miss the days of being 25 and under and never getting hangovers ;)
  • Ensaimada is the name of a pastry in Spanish, but can also used be to describe cuddling up into a ball, like Kiara did on the sofa when she'd had enough puppy fun
  • Empanada is a Spanish pastry, but also means to "be out of it" - which some of us were this morning!
So, we need to get more of our PhD students out to the seminars that occur quite regularly. A few of us are actually hosting a seminar together on December 10th - Mendeley & Other Tricks of the Trade  - to help people come together and learn. We are hoping people show up!

 According to the list there are 31 of us currently in the same PhD program, plus a handful that have graduated in the last year! People tend to live 40 minutes or so away, do the program part-time, and/or not show up to seminars and workshops, so I think I've only met about 10, maybe 11 people in total. It's usually just 5 or 6 of us hanging out. I know many people are working a lot, but there must be a way to motivate people to hang out at least once every semester!

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