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Barcelona's Best Eats: Restaurants and Cafes near the University & Raval

SandwiChez Chai Latte
Until six weeks ago, if you would have asked me where to eat out in Barcelona, I wouldn't have said much, but now I have a list for you!  I usually cook at home and sometimes go to my favourite pizza place - the most delicious pizza I have ever had, which happens to be around the corner from my apartment- called Eccola   

Over the last month and a half, Robby, Marina and I have been trying to get more PhD students out to events; we've been networking, hosting workshops on Mendeley and other tricks, and trying to bring a North-American style spirit to the uni. My friends have also been kind enough to volunteer to help with my data collection (I'll blog a separate post about my qualms regarding the lack of university resources in BCN...) 

This has meant a lot of work and time at the university, long days, and dinners or lunches out. Luckily, in Barcelona, this only means 10 euros a time for a three course midday menu, but still, it adds up, so I'll have to revert back to my normal self soon ;)

SandwiChez has become my place for Chai Tea Lattes - although they are a bit pricey at 2.50 (compared to normal Spanish coffee shops). I'm sure they are super bad for you and have sugary powder in them, but when it starts getting chilly and you're waiting for a bus, this is an excellent way to warm-up!

Cosmos  has become my go-to place to study. They even let dogs study beside you! So, I've been walking Kiara 45 minutes from my place to the cafe and then letting her make friends with all the customers while I study. It's perfect! The only catch is that I am spending too much money on coffee here  *sigh*
Kiara studying with me at Cosmos Cafe, Barcelona

Photo from tripadvisor
Marina, Robby, Irene and I brainstormed the idea of the Mendeley workshop over lunch here.  Affordable and delectable, this restaurant offers a varied selection - everything from a French dish to an Indian dish - at a great price. It's just a few minutes' walk from the University - so check it out!

Vegesana  has become a go-to for a quick meal, as their midday menu is only 7 euros for two courses and a coffee.  It's completely vegan and located two steps away from the university, on Carrer Aribau. 

Shalimar   - good Indian food in BCN at last! I'd only tried a couple other places, which people I was with thought were good, but I didn't think were great. This was definitely great - not too oily, great curry - not very spicy, but other than that, good Indian food. It's in Raval, which is actually only a 10 minute walk from the university, as well!


Armonia is a great little vegetarian and vegan restaurant on Carrer Valencia that serves delicious meals. Their two course menu is about the same price as three course ones other places, but it is definitely worth a try. Delicious, homemade, healthy  - yum!

Rosa del Raval

Rosa del Raval is a great place for Mexican food  - in fact, I've only had Mexican food twice over the last few years, and the only time other than this lunch break, was with Anna at Rosa Negra, the restaurant's other location!  I do like Rosa del Raval better - it's less of a bar and more of a restaurant, less crowded (at least at lunch hour) and has cute decorations. Plus, they actually have spicy sauce!

Bun Bo has excellent Vietnamese food, with a couple of vegetarian options (they'll substitute tofu in a couple of their dishes). Their mid-day menu is 9 euros and we could barely finish it! I'd also try a daquiri while you're here - they are made with fresh fruit and not powder...mmm! We went here on a Friday  and a bunch of people came - it was great! 

Of course, I still have Happy Cow's list to work through - Dayna, I'm all ready to eat vegan when you come to visit me! I'm definitely excited that at least a handful of the PhD students - the new ones included - are ready to hang out this year. There are 31 of us and yet I've barely met half!

It's too bad eating out is so much more unhealthy and expensive than eating in ;) Enjoy these eats!

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