Sunday, January 10, 2016

Barcelona Photowalks Day & Night: El Born & Placa Catalunya

Girl with Blue Hair
Here's a short post about my last two meetings with Camera Creativa, the photography meetup I've joined in Barcelona. Alessandro Albini teaches the classes and charges 5 euros per person for a 2.5 hour class. We choose a focus every class, learn a little bit of theory and then take advantage of having a professional by our side as we (patiently) try to learn to take beautiful photographs. Last week we headed to Placa Catalunya for night photography - without a tripod, I really found it difficult - so that may be my next big purchase! Yesterday's day-time walk through El Born was spectacular though - Barcelona really does have some beautiful, vibrant, unique neighbourhoods!  

We especially worked on "fotos robadas" - stolen photos where the subject is in their natural environment and has no idea they are in the picture.

Happy Puppy Silhouette

Photography Tips

  • As I mentioned in my post on my Sarria Photowalk, the best way to take photos of people is when they don't notice! 
  • The main point I learned from this class was that there are three things you need to look for in photos  - light, colour and gesture. This really helps when you're trying to set up photos 
  • Silhouettes take practice!  It's really important to take a look at exactly where the light is falling
  • Don't forget to look for symmetry in your background - and then take your 70-300m lens and camp out there for awhile - until the perfect subject walks by; that's when you take the shot
  • Learn how to use a polarizing filter properly (apparently you need to move it according to reflections of the sun - I need to learn this...)
  • Remember- with the 70-300m lens - people can't see you are taking a photo of them (they usually think you are photographing the wall/building you are looking at). So, relax, and set up your camera - and shoot!
I have a book on lighting (David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Lighting) - that I bought about five years ago and haven't used yet! That's definitely going on this year's goals list, which as you know, I update every 6 months, more or less on my birthday and half-birthday.

My three favourite photos from the 3 hours we spent in El Born are the ones above and the one below. I'm not normally a huge fan of kids - but this one was super cute and was in the street posing like a fashion model with absolutely no prompting - and no idea there were photographers around!  Check out the slideshow below it, too (mobile device users - if your device doesn't support Flash, please click here to view my Barcelona Streets album on Flickr , click on the first photo and then click through.

Girl with Suitcase pose

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