Sunday, January 31, 2016

Turning 31...& Three Must-See Movies: Macbeth, Joy & The Big Short

From left: Marina, Sapna, Robby, Elisa
 Turning 31 makes me cringe just a I'm actually "in my thirties". Yikes. This is a  bit of a belated birthday post - two weeks late - plus a few must-see films that I have to recommend (I've managed to have a Wednesday evening or two free- and that's cheap night at Barcelona theatres-  3.50 euros!) 

Anna and Sapna
My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so Robby, Marina, Elisa, Anna and I headed out to Gusta Pizzeria. Remember that place that Kristin and I ordered from on New Year's Day, when Eccola was closed? It was lovely!  It's actually also a bit famous, since Beyonce visited and took a photo with the owner, which is hanging in the front entrance. Robby also made me homemade tiramisu for dessert ---mmm....and we also tried to go to Gelaaati - the best gelato place in Barcelona - but they were closed!  Why? Barcelonians don't eat icecream in the "winter". It's really sad, actually .... quite a few gelato places close for the season after the first week of January.

Tiramisu, gelato and real Italian pizza - the only three reasons I could never be vegan!
Gusto Pizzeria


Macbeth Poster
 I thoroughly enjoyed Justin Kurzel's version of Macbeth. It was a bit more violent than I've ever imagined Macbeth in my head- but the cinematography portrayed the themes perfectly. For me, the most incredible actor was Lady Macbeth, played by Marion Cotillard. Her manipulation of Macbeth, her conniving ways and her eventual guilt and realization at the havoc she has caused and the chain of events she triggered - is phenomenal. Banquo and Fleance's roles, as well, stand out and bring the story to life. Whether you're a Shakespeare fan or not, this is a must-see.


Joy Poster
Joy was completely different than I had expected. I went in with very little knowledge of the film, just the feeling that I needed to escape reality for a couple hours -and I was rewarded with strong character portrayls and an interesting storyline. Those of you who know me, know that those are the two main aspects I search for in a film; I want depth and beauty and art; it's even better if it's based on a true story.  The best part of the film for me was the drama of family dynamics - portray with an exaggeration that is so close to reality, you start to believe it.

La gran apuesta Poster

The Big Short

The Big Short is one of those movies, I'll admit, that I was attracted to because of the actors names - Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt - why not, right? I didn't even know what it was about...I assumed it was something about gambling.

In reality, it's an excellent movie about the beginning to the financial crisis in 2008 - and the reasons behind it. It's hilarious because the mortgage housing market crash is explained with ridiculous metaphors, celebrities and a newscaster style narrator (e.g. "Now here's _____to explain what a subprime loan is". It makes the American banking system (rightly or wrongly) appear to be a complete sham - you'll be laughing and cringing the whole way through.

Other than a few film breaks, my life has been PhD insanity, mixed in with a bit of French speaking review (I have a tutor now!), photography and other meetup groups, the gym, the piano, and doga (yes, that's dog-yoga!) with Kiara. So I'm super busy, but loving it. Stay tuned for photos and tips from my latest Photography Meetup!

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