Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mirabé: Beautiful Restaurant on Mount Tibidabo, Vegan Paella, La Flauta and Montjuic Magic!

My dad and I at Montjuic

My parents were in town for a couple days on their way back to Canada from London , and had already seen the touristy attractions  in Barcelona, except the Montjuic fountains, so we headed there last Friday night. It is much less crowded in the winter! 

Mom and Dad
Canadian sidenote: They brought me a Canadiana package of items that I asked for, and was thrilled about. You'd think, with globalization, that it'd be easy to find absolutely everything in Europe. Well, here are the few items I miss: Mountain Equipment Coop backpacks (high quality, environmentally conscious company with a low price!), Nalgene water bottles, Second Cup Irish Cream coffee (flavoured coffee is SO not a European trend), good quality workout clothes that don't cost a fortune,  and Vega Protein Powder (non-GMO, low cal, high protein, no sugar, no fake stuff).

The best part of the weekend was definitely going to Mirabe,  an elegant restaurant at the top of Mount Tibidabo. It's in the neighbourhood of Sarria-Sant Gervasi, where I will live one day when I'm rich and famous (assuming this happens in Barcelona). I picked the restaurant because it seemed to have the nicest atmosphere of the three that are at the top of that end of the mountain. Careful where you're booking your reservation, as all three have very similar names (Mirabé, Mirablau and Mirabley (the last one I'm not sure how to spell). 

 The wine was incredible (we had a bottle of Tocat de l'ala), the food was delicious (would you believe they have a bunch of vegetarian options?)  We started with fried artichokes with Romesco sauce. The waiter told me they made vegan paella especially for tourists - I tried that though, since I hadn't yet found a paella  without seafood in the city!). It was delectable. Mmmm.  We also shared two desserts-  Crema Catalana, which had a hint of lemon flavour and Tiramisu. Not to mention the incredible view of the entire city - it's spectacular! All that - for 35 euros a person. 

Kiara - with a Canadian bone
The next day, we basically hung out with Kiara since it was raining (my parents got her the giant bone above). It's sooo hard to find giant ones like this in pet stores here. I miss Petsmart!  We also went to La Flauta on Carrer Aribau for lunch.  This is totally worth the 45 minute wait at lunch hour! It's all traditional Spanish food, and they have a ton of veggie options. We had tortilla de patatas, pimientos de padron, grilled artichokes (that looked like flowers!), calçots
(special grilled leek/onions) and  Catalan tomato bread. Mmm - healthy and delicious!

We tried to go to Ornina for dinner, but since it was Saturday night, they were fully booked! I've never been, but it seems like a beautiful place to check out next time I have a visitor. 

*Hint *hint - I haven't had that many visitors from home yet and I've been here almost two years!!! Friends, come on over and check out my IKEA sofabed hahaha ;) Stay tuned for more adventures!

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