Sunday, May 01, 2016

A PhD Weekend of Productivity - and Fun Nights Out in Salou, Tarragona!

So if you tell people from Barcelona that you're off to Salou for a study weekend, it'll seem a bit strange as it's a party town - but this is, indeed, what the Barcelona Academic Writing Group did. This incredible group has the energetic enthusiasm and North-American style"school spirit" that seems to be inherently lacking at Spanish universities and the motivation to keep going and going. We studied during the day - and went out for dinner and drinks at night!

Angelica and Carme started this group (which brings together any Masters or PhD students in Barcelona) earlier this year- and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.  It reminds me of being back in Canada, when Janice and I would spend hours at Second Cup working on our own stuff - and being more productive together.

Our weekend started off quite eventfully:

    • I tripped on my way to meet everyone, rolling my ankle. I had skipped our regular Friday day meeting to drop K off at doggie daycare and then work at home. Luckily my ankle wasn't sprained, but I had a tensor bandage on my foot and was popping ibuprofen all weekend!
    • Robby, Angelica and I took the train together - got off the train the wrong way - and had to wait 15 minutes at the "in-between" platform as two sloooow trains, one going each direction, passed by us. Hello - Slow Salou!
    • Our apartment was on floor 5 and three quarters - well, almost. We had to take the lift to the 6th floor, and then walk down to the 5th, although the apartment was numbered in the 4s.  We also managed to make the lift get stuck with the door half-way open Saturday night. Yup, if something makes sense here, be surprised!

Mar, Carme, Angelica, Sapna, Robby - lunch break!

We woke up at 8:00am, walked along the beach, and studied for the entire day, breaking for lunch. Then, we headed out for dinner and for a night of drinks - Friday night was horrendous as we we were way too old for the crowd, but Saturday night at City Hall lounge was great! I hadn't been out for cocktails in a very long time, so it was a relaxing break. Robby definitely danced it up on the dance floor ;)

I love our organizational skills - and the schedule we managed to keep for hours during the day- as well as the wonderful, healthy meals we cooked together and our multilingual conversations. 

Angelica and Carmen out for a Sunday walk!
If you're using Flash on a mobile device or otherwise can't see my Glogster poster below, please click here for the Glogster link instead though; that way you can see my picture collage of our mini getaway!  You can also click into the photos below to expand them. Here's to many more productive study/work/mark English papers getaway weekends in the near future. Go PhDs!

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