Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beautiful Coves of Blanes: A Day Trip to the Costa Brava

Sa Palmero, Blanes, Spain
Sunday's day trip to Sa Palmero, Blanes on the Costa Brava was a beautiful experience. I spent hours on the cove, photographing beautiful lovers against the sun-glistened sea, reading artistic graffiti, admiring carved love locks hanging from the rails, and watching the waves crash against the shiny rocks. The cove combined with sandy beach around the corner is the perfect combination for a blissful Sunday. 

I can't believe I live an hour and a half train ride from this beautiful gem; the colour of the sea is spectacular! Every time I discover a place like this, it motivates me to find a way around the horrible Spanish economy and terrible state of jobs in academia here, and develop a successful life in Barcelona.  

The reason for my "coves" photoshoot was actually twofold - to have a relaxing day away, and also to photograph background photos for my new blog, which is coming soon!  (Don't worry, The Singapore Lizard isn't going anywhere, but stayed tuned for an exciting new addition to my creative pursuits!)

The photoshoot definitely tells the story best, so I'll leave you to enjoy the slideshow below. Please remember that if you're using a mobile device not compatible with Flash, you'll need to click on my Blanes Beautiful Coves on the Costa Brava Flickr Set here, click on play in the top right hand corner (or click on the first photo and flip through). Enjoy!

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