Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Fashionable Side of Amsterdam: Walking the City with a Fashionista

Amsterdam Centraal, October 29, 2016
 How often do you get to explore a city with a personal shopper and fashion blogger? Well, last Saturday in Amsterdam, that's exactly what I did.

Now, as many of you know, I just launched my new blog, The Teaching Cove, a few days ago to help English teachers and educators find expert resources.  Well, a month ago, I attended Meet the Blogger Amsterdam, my first blogging conference.  The conference content overall was okay . It was more geared towards DIY and Home Decor bloggers and not nearly as business-like as I expected. However, the keynote speakers - Anne de Bruk from Your Little Black Book (a travel blog) and Holly from Decor8  were great. 

The best part, though, was meeting my friend N from the conference. She has a degree in fashion and is a personal shopper who loves sustainable, comfortable clothes. She's starting a blog I am so excited for! I'll keep you posted once it launches. I may even get to be her pilot/test case in Barcelona for her personal shopping business :)

So, N was in Amsterdam for a few days and we had a chance to meet up last Saturday While my usual trips to Amsterdam have been for sightseeing and photography, this trip was a little different.  We met for lunch at Omelegg.It's the same place I went when Robby came to visit, but this time we checked out the Ferdinand Bolstraat location since it was close to the majority of the shops on our list.  I had scrambled egg whites with sundried tomatoes, feta, spinach, rye bread and salad served with fresh carrot juice. You can choose your own toppings from a giant list. I'd definitely recommend Omelegg for brunch!

Then, we headed to a few beautiful boutique stores in the De Pijp area of Amsterdam. I can't remember the names of them all, but there were a few that stood out:

Oops - I made a purchase! I actually did really need black boots - flat ones that I can ride my bike in. Good quality was definitely high on the list, as I am sick of 40 euro boots breaking. So, enter Fabienne Chapot and Brick Lane. I love my starry Fabienne Chapot "army boots". They were soooo comfortable I just had to buy them. Personal shopper/fashion blogger approved, too!  Apparently you can dress them up or dress them down. They had better be versatile for the price! ;)  

Another trick I learned from N was the magic of plastic hair ties. I had no idea that they break your hair less. Most of the colours are too bright for me, but the transparent ones are great. I picked up a few from H&M. They come in a huge pack for a few euros.

Then, N headed off to her evening concert plans, and I headed to Spui Street to check out the bookstores and do some photography for my blog.

Oh, by the way, I discovered that hot chocolate in Holland (which really doesn't exist in Spain), looks like this:
MokaMore Cafe, Utrecht

 Well, that's all for my latest Amsterdam adventure. Stay tuned for an upcoming story on my half day trip to the cute little city of Leiden!

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