Sunday, December 18, 2016

Maastricht: A Beautiful Dutch City of Winter Lights

Maastrict was one of the last cities I visited during my three month research stay in Holland, and wow do they have beautiful winter lights.  Actually, it felt like Christmas a month early! While I know that this post is a couple weeks late, I thought the slideshow was just in time for the festive holiday season.

Maastrict: Walking the Cobblestone Streets

Maastrict is a city of 120, 000 people. All Dutch cities seem to be quite small! It was beautiful wandering around the cobblestone streets and into the little boutique stores, admiring the festive lights. 

Now, Maastricht is windy, which makes it extremely cold! It's also really pretty! So, though I was not so prepared with my spring coat, wool hat and gloves, I walked around taking photos.

Unfortunately, the Christmas market that was supposed to happen that weekend was postponed for a week. You should have seen the lines of disappointed tourists. Although you could see all the beautiful huts for the vendors and decorations on the streets, there was no market!  Still, it was lovely to walk around and enjoy the sights (and multiple cups of hot chocolate!)

Beautiful Festive Gelato Store

Beautiful Bookstore In An Ancient Church

My favourite part of Maastricht was the gorgeous bookstore in a church, the Dominican Church in the city center. WOW. They've converted an ancient Dominican church into a modern bookstore. The blue lights shining through when the sun hits the stained glass is incredible!
Beautiful Bookstore in Church, Maastrict
Home Christmas Display, Maastrict

Maastricht Slideshow

Check out the slideshow below for a view of this wintery city. It was my last day trip before leaving Holland to move back to Barcelona. Please remember that if you're on a mobile, the slideshow may not work, so click here to view my Flickr Set and flip through the photos that way.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on comparing the places that I've lived - Singapore, Canada, England, Spain and Holland  (we'll leave Switzerland out since that was only a few months when I was 19).  My pros and cons post will be up soon!

Have a lovely and festive week, loyal readers! 

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