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Ni hao, hello, bonjour, buongiorno, gutentag...  welcome to my blog! 

I am Canadian, originally from Edmonton, Alberta. The Singapore Lizard originated on my 10 month exchange program as an undergraduate student and Marketing intern in Asia.  It details all the adventurous places I visited, books I've read and cultural comparisons I've noticed.

After Singapore, I backpacked Australia and New Zealand solo for two months, perhaps the most enlightening experience of my life. 

From 2008 to 2012, this blog has been about life in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - both in the corporate world, and as an entrepreneur -  and my periodic travels away from home. In September 2012, I will be off to Oxford, England to study a Masters of Applied Linguistics and will be blogging about my European educational, linguistic, ad travelling adventure.

Thanks to all of you - friends I know, and people around the world who have discovered my writing - for reading my blog. 

The Singapore Lizard has been my online journal to post notes, quotes, and pics from my travels and snippets of my life. While experts argue about the extended "life" of a blog, I'd like the Lizard to keep living! So I'll continue posts of my travels in this space. Enjoy!



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  • You can trust me!  I am always happy to answer any questions you have at sapna[at]teachingcove.com or via the Contact page.

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